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About Nanonets

Nanonets is a San Francisco, CA based intelligent document processing platform (IDP) to help enterprises automate manual data entry tasks. Using the latest advances in artificial intelligence, we enable complex document automation tasks that start generating value for companies from day 1. The platform has a proven track record in the field and a rapidly growing base of delighted customers thanks to its ability to maximize ROI and cut implementation time by up to 80%
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Overview of Partnership program

At Nanonets we believe your success is our success. Our goal is to add committed partners, who recognize the explosive potential of AI combined with RPA to drive new levels of automation in the market.
Our program offers:
  • A wide range of sales and training development courses to rapidly achieve competency and certification in a market leading solution
  • Competitive discount allowances tied to annual product revenue achievements
  • Commitment from us to work with you in any sales situations as well as to develop and execute plans that help drive greater awareness and pipeline development.

Five steps to become a Nanonets Partner

  1. 1.
    Setup a call with our Partner Manager here.
2. Sign our channel partner agreement to become an Official Nanonets Partners
3. Complete our Partner Training Program and earn your certification
4. Identify your first opportunities and register deals
5. Sign your first customer

Come join hands with us today.

Offer the most advanced digital workforce to your customers to automate cognitive tasks. We call it OCR 2.0 with document understanding and the ability to train custom model document types gives you higher accuracy and performance.
Our OCR engine supports over 60 languages and supports all document types irrespective of region. Our automation partners enjoy all of this plus discounts while receiving the highest level of technical support to the end customers. We provide our partners with the the sales, marketing and technical resources to help them succeed

Education and Training material

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